Please view our informative video on this Current Tools 6K puller which will assist you with making your selection 





Current Tools 6000 lb puller. 

  • Unique design features quick one man setup
  • Puller mounted on 4 wheel carriage for mobility
  • Complete system-no extra parts to purchase
  • Permanently lubricated vent free gear box
  • Puller may be used on or off the carriage
  • 8' reach when fully extended
  • Heavy duty 2 speed motor
  • Built-in foot switch
  • Quick release couplings
  • Storage for all couplings and foot switch
  • Flat free tires
  • Ships by a truck line, a lift gate by request

Current Tools 6000 lb puller. 

Wire Pulling Capacity:

3 x 750 kcmil cables 500 ft with 4-90 degree bends.
3 x 600 kcmil cables 600 ft with 4-90 degree bends.
5 x 500 kcmil cables 450 ft with 4-90 degree bends.

Price $5499.00 *

  * includes Tax and free freight from the factory    

    Please call me to place an order 818-970-1702

   Pick up & will call at out N Hollywood CA store location

   Free delivery within 60 miles of our California store

* Free ground freight from Current Tools in SC  

* To avoid disappointment with the delivery schedule, please call me first before placing an order. Current Tools often have inventory, but it can take 2-4 weeks to ship, plus the delivery times vary. 



We have in our California warehouse of the Current Tools 66 cable pullers at a promotional price of  $5299.00 includes Sales Tax. The special promotion is available for will call only. So send your truck for pick up, while we have stock.


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